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Jazzband is a cooperative experiment to reduce the stress of maintaining Open Source software alone.

The goal of the Jazzband is to offer relief by sharing responsibility for open source work with other like-minded people. It offers maintainers and contributors the ability to play in the same band instead of being forced into “artist” and “audience” roles by the tools GitHub provides.

When you join Jazzband you will be automatically added as a member to its GitHub organization and granted a wide range of privileges such as creating and editing repositories, pushing code, working on issues etc.

You can leave admin tasks to the roadies, the people making sure the band can play when they want.

Once you are a member you can move a repo into the Jazzband organization if it matches the guidelines, you can start working on existing Jazzband projects and much more.

Learn more about Jazzband or check the news section for more info.

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