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Here you’ll find some background info, a quick introduction of how Jazzband works and some examples how to improve maintenance of your own projects using Jazzband’s techniques.


Jazzband was born out of the stress of maintaining an Open Source project alone for a longer time. As such it’s aimed at projects with only a few maintainers that have not achieved creating a community of maintainers yet.

Jazzband strives to enable broader collaboration between the users by bringing down the walls that prevent them from becoming contributors.

Jazzband tries to foster participation by the community and shared responsibility within its membership. It helps to keep projects alive as well as finding new avenues of development.

In short, it’s cooperative coding.


When you join you will be…

After that, you can go ahead and do things like…

You can login here to join Jazzband.


The Jazzband follows a code of conduct which includes respecting the opinions and previously made technical and communal decisions of project maintainers. We assume positive intent but be clear that we won’t accept bullies and old farts that just want to push their ideas. Collaboration is key and compromises required in a Jazzband.


Jazzband is graciously supported by BrowserStack (browser and device testing).