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Five years ago, Jazzband was launched to help Python projects that struggle to continue maintenance for various reasons, e.g. when original authors don’t have time anymore to continue the maintenance.

Jazzband has grown quite a bit since then: over 1300 people in total have decided to become members over the past 5 years, of which over 900 current members remain as of writing this post.

At the same time over 50 projects have been transferred to Jazzband and adopted the Jazzband guidelines, Code of Conduct and project maintenance patterns.

A handful of projects decided to leave Jazzband again for a number of reasons, which provided plenty of experience for how to improve the Jazzband processes and documentation. It’s clear that Jazzband can be better and needs to adapt to the members’ needs.

One area in particular was brought up often: the communication between those members that are interested in contributing to only specific and not all of the existing Jazzband projects.

So as a first step to fix this:

Jazzband introduce self-service project teams!

What are project teams?

Project teams are optional, self-service groups of Jazzband members that are interested in working on specific projects. Project teams are based on GitHub teams teams that you may already be familiar with.

That means every Jazzband member can show their interest in individual projects by electing to join a project team to further participate in the maintenance of a project.

GitHub offers a number of extra features for organization teams that will help to improve a culture of communication and collaboration:

Please remember that team discussions also fall under our Code of Conduct!

How can I join a project team?

Every Jazzband project has its own dedicated page on the Jazzband website.

  1. Go to the project list.

  2. Select the project you’d like to join to go to its project page.

  3. Click the link to join in the “Interested in becoming a project member?” box.

That’s it, your GitHub account was automatically added to the project team on GitHub.

How can I leave a project team?

Leaving a project team is as simple as joining.

  1. Go to your account dashboard.

  2. Select the project you’d like to leave from the “Your projects” section.

  3. Click the link to leave in the “Thank you for being a project member!” box.

After confirming that you really want to leave, your GitHub account will be automatically removed from the project team on GitHub.

How do you find team discussions?

There are two ways to get to the project team discussions. For both you need to be a Jazzband member first!

On the Jazzband site

Each project has a page on the Jazzband website that lists a number of important URLs on GitHub. One of those links is for project team discussions.

  1. Go to the project list.

  2. Select a project you’d like to discuss.

  3. Click on the link shown next to “Team discussions”.

On GitHub

  1. Go to the members team on Jazzband’s GitHub organization page. Note: You’ll be greeted here with Jazzband-wide discussions. Keep going for project-specific discussions.

  2. There, select the “Teams” tab

  3. Choose one of the existing project teams from the list and you’ll be directed to the team discussions.

Happy discussions!

Written by Jannis Leidel on Jun 4, 2021, 12:42:18 PM